Our Story

Stadler & Company has over 85 years of experience, and although the faces have changed over the years, we remain committed to being your Trusted Hometown Experts providing Compassionate Guidance to Individuals and Small Businesses.

Specializing in personal tax service and small business services, we want to help you individually and/or your company succeed in today's competitive environment. In order for you to succeed, you need

  • a quality accounting firm that can help during each stage of your life and your company's life.

  • a firm that can understand your unique needs then help you reach and surpass your goals.

  • a company that knows the tax law and helps to maximize the tax advantages.

Our primary goal is to maximize the client's greatest potential. We accomplish this with a team of motivated professionals, dedicated to meeting the highest professional standards in a responsible, efficient and cost-effective manner. We take pride in the belief that no client is too small to benefit from our services, yet we have the experience and personnel to accommodate many of the larger, growing companies.

Each client requires an individual package of services. We will provide services tailored to meet your individual requirements. We treat our clients just like we would want to be treated, and don't hide behind gray suits or technical language. We are relaxed, open and informal, but at all times we are efficient, professional and effective.

In short, if you want an accountant who speaks your language, please give us a call or e-mail.                                                   Office: (812) 478-2800 Toll Free: 1-800-447-2015 E-mail: Taxpro@Stadlertax.com

Tax & Business Services...

caring for you so you can care for yours

Be the professional of choice for tax and business needs; changing the game through a culture of servant leadership

Our Values

Integrity- Always knowing and doing what is right, regardless of results

Customer Service- Making the customer feel valued and having them leave in a better position than when they came

Relationships- Focus on relationships to foster client retention and referrals, Putting the needs of others first; not only our clients, but each other, too

Teamwork- Our combined skills working toward a common goal to achieve success

Commitment- Dedication, sacrifice, loyalty, and wholeheartedness through everything we do

Professionalism- Expertise and quality that drives us and permeates through everything we do

Continuous Improvement- Passion to improve ourselves, our relationships, our company, our profession, our community

Christian Environment- Doing what we do according to Biblical principles and for the glory of God



Our Mission

Our Vision